Thursday, August 20, 2009

No eggs yet. WTF.

So I either have lazy hens (if one's lazy, they're all lazy) or they are not comfy about their nesting areas.

This weekend, I will put golf balls in their nests for them to sit on and block off their nesting dorms to give them more privacy. I can't believe I don't have any yet. So disappointing. My sister-in-law has 10 hens and in 4 weeks, they have pooped out 162 eggs. I have major egg envy.
If these birds aren't going to lay, they are going to be dinner. haha.

So I will leave you with this funny video... interesting how chickens leave their head in one position no matter how they move.


  1. Just be patient. They'll come eventually. And they'll be DELICIOUS when they do.

    Isn't it weird that we keep chickens around to essentially have babies, and then we eat them? That's pretty fucked up.