Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FINALLY! We got eggs!

So yeah! It's celebration time! Barb has laid an egg a day since Thursday the 17th. What a glorious day! That little tart made some yumminess for our breakfast.

Here are some pictures...
first two eggs (overcast sky blue, which will ALWAYS be Barb's egg color)... you can see the size compared to my feet. Little smaller than the average egg. Then what they look like in a carton... then what they looked like fried up... then scrambled with toast and garden tomatoes... and to top it off, Grandma Mary's home made concord grape juice from their harvest next door. YUM!


  1. Hooray, the first eggs! See, patience pays off. Soon you'll have tons of eggs coming in :)

    I always like tomatoes with my breakfast, too.

  2. That's awesome, guys! Congrats!

    Although, the last picture should have been a picture of a turd floating in a toilet.