Friday, July 16, 2010

Poppa Bear, Momma Bear and Baby bear?

Hahahaha. Here is a shot from my sister-in-law.
Her current chickens laid the big one, and her new chickies that just started laying laid the next two. What is UP with that little one?! hahahahaha.


  1. Someone's got some EGG ENVY!

  2. We sometimes get little eggs like that... they usually don't have a yolk in them! We also get the big eggs and they have double yolks! Crazy chickens. Check out our blog at

  3. never had an egg bound hen....had one that tore her vent and had to have it stiched into place!!!

    gawd how much was all tose xeays for your hen?

    anyhow greetings from another hen owner from waLes UK

  4. I recently got a teeny-tiny egg like that! lol I have no idea who laid it, but it was so cute! =)