Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sookie: Egg Bound!

OK, so another chicken ordeal. Saturday, went out to the coop to pick up Barb's remaining feathers and saw Sookie. Sookie's vent was NOT attractive and it looked like she had hemorrhoids. I could tell she was in pain, because she want' moving or eating and was low to the ground. Took her to the vets. We were there for almost 5 hours and they took x-rays. Yep, TWO EGGS STUCK! Soooo, what does this mean? Since Saturday, we have been giving her antibiotics for a small infection around her vent, liquid calcium twice a day in a syringe in her mouth and vitamins in her water... along with extra oyster shells in her protein layer food and yogurt and greens. We cut the cracked corn. The vet said that this ordeal happened because all Sookie was eating was the cracked corn and not her layer food (which has all the calcium and vitamins to produce a strong egg to lay) Basically her shells on the eggs were too soft and thin to lay, hence them being stuck. So, now we wait. She's acting well. She seems like a normal bird. We dealt with her being sick last year and didn't think she would make it. But Dr. Mohan is just wonderful. He knows how to take care of birds! Because she's acting well could be that she's gone broody and doesn't want to lay yet. OR she laid them and ate them, if they were soft. Stay tuned!


  1. my Moonie went broody so many times, and nothing worked. she convinced the other ladies to lay in her box and would sit on ALL and PECK. finally i got her some live eggs to sit on, and she did it the whole way through---until they peeped and hatched and she was pecking them to death. thankfully, ONE out of the 6 survived in my crock pot : ) and grew to be a hen ; ) i hope Sookie feels better! (vents are gross)
    emily v.k.

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